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We have measles cases in Pittsburgh, now what?

More than 700 measles cases this year in the United States/worst outbreak since 2000
Anyone who has not had measles or the measles vaccine needs to be immunized
The current recommendation of 2 measles vaccines confers 97% protection, which is lifelong
The current version of the vaccine became available in 1989
People vaccinated before that may not be fully protected and should discuss with us the next step
Anyone born before 1957 is considered to be protected because they likely had measles
-Possible exception if your mother states that you never had measles
-Possible exception if you are healthcare worker
Between 1963 in 1967 measles vaccination started, however, that old vaccine is currently thought to be
ineffective and should prompt those who did not have measles or the current vaccine to receive the
current vaccine
Knowing your immunization status and immunity against measles is important for everyone
especially those who live in an area where measles is currently active and spreading
Although there are 22 states with reported measles there are only currently 9 places in the United (CDC)
States with ongoing outbreaks-defined as 3 or more cases
If you're at a community where an outbreak is occurring and you are un-immunized or don't know your
immunization status you should be immunized immediately
People traveling internationally, healthcare workers and people living in communities where measles
cases are reported should be immediately immunized unless their vaccine status is known
If you do not know your vaccination status the simplest option is to come to us and become immunized,
If you are already immune, the repeat immunization will not be in any way harmful
Another option is to have blood testing to prove immunity or lack thereof, insurance does not pay for
this, the average cost is $130
If you have had only one of the 2 currently advised measles vaccines, discuss with us the merits of
getting a second vaccine, which increases your protection rate from 93-97%.


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